Discover How You Can Easily Convert
Your CD's, MP3's and iTunes Into
Sing a Long Karaoke Tracks

Remove the Lead Vocals From Your CD Music in 3 Easy Steps.
You Will Never Have to Search for Karaoke Tracks Again.

Let's face it, karaoke is a blast and it has taken the world by storm. We're all stars, at least in our dreams. But we all know what a hassle it can be to find all of our favorite songs without the vocals.

What if it were as easy as taking your desired song from a CD or MP3 that you already have in your music library, loading it into your computer, and removing the vocals in order to make a "sing-a-long" track that you can play through your karaoke machine, MP3 Player or CD Player?

Well it is that easy, and it can be done in 3 easy steps!
With the Make Karaoke Tracks guidebook and the accompanying FREE software it really is that easy. You can take a song from a CD, or even an MP3 on your computer, and within 5 minutes convert it into a "sing a long" karaoke track.

This technology is amazing and promises to revolutionize the karaoke industry.


Customer Comments

"This is so much fun. We are having more fun singing than we ever have. Our library of songs has expanded greatly. Thanks a bunch for this karaoke package." -The Brenneman Family / Ohio

"This really is simple to use and I have recommended this product to my friends." -Jacque / New York

"Thanks so much for your help. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I was able to get most of the songs I wanted converted and they sound wonderful. This opens up a whole new world of karaoke!" - Mica B. / Georgia



Have you ever wanted to sing to your favorite song, but a karaoke track was not available?

The Make Karaoke Tracks guidebook is a straight to the point 3 step guide that will have you converting your music library to karaoke tracks in no time.

We are very pleased to be offering this do it yourself karaoke track creating software. Our system shows you 3 easy to follow steps that allow you to remove the lead voice from your cd's and MP3's so that you can use them in your karaoke system, MP3 Player or CD Player. You will no longer be limited by the availability of songs.

Perhaps the best benefit of all is the money you will save by no longer needing to purchase the karaoke track CD's.


The guidebook shows you a straight to the point process that will have you converting your music library to karaoke tracks in no time.

Instantly Downloadable! That means NO SHIPPING costs!

Step by step instruction with screenshots. Point and click is all it takes!

This system works with all the major audio formats including MP3's!

When you buy the guide, we give you the software for FREE!
Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
Why waste your time and money looking for your favorite karaoke music when you can make your own?
You can convert any song you have downloaded from itunes or most any other site. You can also import songs from your CD's. If the songs are not already in the MP3 format, you use the voice removal software to convert them to MP3's.
Load the song into the software. The sound processing technology in the software will remove the centered vocals. This is where the lead vocals are usually placed in a stereo recording. Backup vocals are normally recorded on the right and left channels and will not be removed.
The final step in the process is to export the song by burning it back to a CD that you can play in your karaoke system. Now you have a track where you can sing the lead vocals over a complimentary backup track. You can also add your friends and family for additional backup vocals.

But the Fun Doesn't Stop There...

The software also features a multi-track editor which allows you to record your voice with the backup track you just created. What a great way to make demos!

You will become the "go to guy" for your karaoke buddies as you will most likely already have, or be able to create the tracks they are looking for.

This technology allows you to turn your computer into an in-home recording studio. It really is amazing!

You may place your order 24 hours a day through our automated ordering system. Once your payment is processed you will be emailed a download link where you can download the guide and software even if it is 3 a.m.

Customer Comments

"This is really a slick solution to building up my karaoke library. I host a karaoke party at a club once a week. This was just what I needed. If I don't have a requested song, I write it down and I have it ready for them the next week. I have added over 300 songs to my inventory!"
-Jonathon / Showtime Karaoke Services

"We used your product to make some backup tracks at our local pageant last month. It made things real easy and all contestants had the music they needed. Thanks again." -Marylin / Elmwood

"What a cool deal this is! I love it. Something you never mentioned was that I could also change the pitch and tempo. Very cool indeed. The price was right too. Keep up the great work." - Charles Owens


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Please note: This guide and software are instantly downloadable. Because of this we cannot offer any refunds. There is no way for us to take back a downloaded product. While this software and technique work very well on most songs, it is important to realize that it may not work on every song you use it on. The lead vocal must be recorded down the center of the right and left track for it to work completely. If it is not, some of the lead may be removed, but not all of it. In these cases it can still create a nice sing a long track for karaoke use.

Once your payment is processed, you will receive the complete download information that will include both the Windows and the Mac version of the software and the guidebook.

System requirements:
Windows Version Minimum RAM / Processor Speed
Windows 98 / ME 64 MB RAM / 300 MHz
Windows 2000 / XP 128 MB RAM / 300 MHz
Windows Vista Home Basic 512 MB RAM / 1 GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium / Business / Ultimate 1 GB RAM / 1 GHz

The MAC version requires OS 9 or higher and a minimum of 64 MB of RAM and a 300 MHz Processor.





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